About me and this blog

About this blog and me
Hi there :) Hope you are well.

Mac4u has been created to allow me to share some of my thoughts and ideas, as well as information on how to do stuff, build stuff etc.\

I'm not the people person, I tend to stick to myself, but...I do have some kind of story to tell, knowledge to share. That's why the blog :) It makes it easy for me to talk..ish.

As every bloger I have to ask for some king of support, if the content of it is of any use to you, please confider sending me some coins:

BTC: bc1qx5fl4dwuazy528rsddm4tf8cgdrvudx5fw8fsl

A massive THANK YOU for your support!!!



In the future I will be adding new sections to the blog, like video tutorials :)
Hope you will enjoy them :)