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How to turn on or off SIP on a Mac OS system.

How to turn on or off SIP on a Mac OS system.

Simple, sometimes you need more control over your machine and SIP is not giving you it...or you are just troubleshooting your system. In any case, before you start playing with SIP check what's the current status of it in terminal:

Turn on Terminal and in the windows type:

csrutil status

You will get a message saying:

System Integrity Protection status: disabled


System Integrity Protection status: enabled

Now, to turn SIP on restart your mac. When you will see the black screen click and hold the 'cmd' + R button. System will boot in recovery mode.

When in recovery mode choose from the top menu Utility Menu / Terminal

In the terminal window type:

For SIP enable:

csrutil enable

and for SIP disable:

csrutil disable

Restart the machine normally. That's it:) Enjoy:)