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Support for PACES Sheffield

Support for PACES Sheffield

Hi there,

Hope you are well today!

I wanted to use this opportunity to share something with you, and at the same time to ask for your support, if possible.

The share:

Lately I been thinking about what is happening on this world, how people trite others, or how they trite other animals, how they trite them self. I realized that we are more and more isolated, we think only how to consume more, what is the next gadget that will definitely this time make me happy... we became blind... A long time ago, someone very smart told me, 'the only person that can make you happy, is you', there is no thing, no gadget that can do it for you, only you have the power to be happy no matter what.

The support:

We need your help, if you can! Do not feel bad if you can't help in a financial way, it's okay, I understand. Share this request then.

I discovered a wonderful Charity, PACES Sheffield. Those people are the true Super Heroes of our time, I don't know if you are from the UK, and if you ever heard of them. If not, please use this chance and go to there website, just have a look: LINK

PACES helps children with Cerebral Palsy and motor disorders, and there families as well, across all the UK! They are absolutely amazing!

When I sore what they are doing, how amazing they are, he only thing that I wanted is to support, how ever I only can. I decidet to support them in few ways:

  1. financial support, by giving monthly to there charity
  2. by spreding the message of there fantastic work
  3. by takin on every challenge they will throw on me in 2022/2023 :D and try to collect as much money as possible for the them

And here comes my request to YOU, if you can, can you support PACES  financialy via the events that they challenge me to do? If the answer is YES, YOU ARE AWESOME! Then below are links to found rising pages for PACES. If the answer is NO, don't worry, as I said before, I understand. Can you please spred the message, share this post to other, please? That would be amazing! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Support link:

  1. Big School Run: LINK
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek: LINK
  3. Sheffield 10K: LINK
  4. Yorkshire 3 Peaks: LINK
  5. Sunrise On Snowdon: LINK
  6. Sheffield Half Marathon: LINK
  7. Dearne Valley 10K: LINK

All cost of events are founded by me, so 100% of the collected money if going to PACES! Please HELP!

Take care!