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Fixing cracking sound on M1 mac

Fixing cracking sound on M1 mac

Lately I had some issue with sound on the M1 mac. Every time I played a video from YouTube or just a video clip from my drive I was hearing cracking sounds during playback. I thought that this is related to performance issues, that for some reason the mac in not keeping up with rendering the video and sound from YouTube etc. I was wrong! Thank God, I was wrong :)

What relay happened was that the 'core audio' application that is running all the time in the background was frezzing from time to time. Now, do not ask me why...I have no idea. I did thoug found a way to fix this:

  • open terminal
  • paste this line of code sudo killall coreaudiod
  • hit enter and type in your admin password to allow the restart of the core audio aplication / library

Don't worry if you think that this will kill the app and you will end up without sound. The app will restart imidetly after shoting down.

If you have the same problme like me, hope this will help.